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Now is the time to upskill

To this end the NCJV offers a series of courses that add value to your name and widens your career opportunities, regardless of age or position. 

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When precision meets art

This engraving, which some may call art, took 6 hours of design time and a staggering 214 man-hours to complete using only an eyeglass for magnification.

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Valuation & certification

When it comes to maximum protection and peace of mind, a professional valuation and certification by a registered NCJV valuer is worth its weight in gold. Don’t risk second best when it comes to safeguarding your most valuable possessions.

Education & Training

NCJV is the only professional jewellery organisation in Australia insisting its members achieve an approved educational standard. This gives them a critical edge in today’s complex marketplace which is being constantly challenged by treated gemstones and jewellery, watches and gemstones that are sophisticated fakes.

Professional standards

Members of the NCJV follow a strict code of ethics based on professional integrity, continuous learning and the pursuit of the highest industry standards. Professional accountability is a priority and in the unlikely event that a customer is not satisfied with a valuation, they can use our dispute resolution process.

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