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Any time’s a good time to up skill

Training / May 2019

Education inflames our intellect and makes us grow. It widens our horizons, adds value to our name and instils in our client’s, staff, management and industry colleges, a confidence in our ability that can only be gained from being assessed to the highest of standards. by our piers.

To this end the NCJV offers a series of courses that add value to your name and widens your career opportunities, regardless of age or position.

The range of NCJV Jewellery Valuer courses encompasses all facets of the jewellery industry from assessing the quality of new, vintage and antique, jewellery to watches, branding, and legal obligations to name a few. No other course within the industry has such a broad scope.

Utilising your own skills and knowledge with in the jewellery industry, alongside our on-line self-paced theory and in depth practical workshops never has there been a better time to upskill.

Education is just the beginning, so why not BEGIN  or 0455 365 510


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