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Now is the time to upskill

Training / May 2019

Education engages the intellect and leads to personal growth. Skill-based education broadens employment opportunities, creates professional credibility, and instills confidence in clients, management, and industry colleagues. The education provided by the NCJV has been developed by Australian leaders in jewellery valuation and is delivered and assessed by a trainer group of accredited valuers.

The NCJV offers a series of courses to strengthen your knowledge, add value to your name and advance your career. Regardless of your experience level, there are opportunities to upskill.

The range of the NCJV Jewellery Valuer course extends to cover quality assessment of new, vintage, antique and branded jewellery, watches, pearls, loose coloured gemstones, and diamond grading. Ethics, legal obligations, insurance, and differing valuation market requirements are all covered. There is no comparable valuation course available in Australia.

The online self-paced theory units and hands-on practical workshops allow you to expand on existing knowledge and to develop new skills. Show your commitment to a career in the jewellery industry and start your educational journey today.

Education expands life’s possibilities, so why not begin.  or 0493842203


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