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Understanding your insurance requirements

Articles / May 2019

Everyone dreads losing a valuable piece of jewellery, especially if it’s a special gift or a family heirloom.

It’s a personal nightmare that can get even worse if you aren’t adequately insured and have no proof of ownership.

Check the fine print

When taking out insurance for valuables such as antique watches and period jewellery, it’s important to check the fine print first before filing the policy away.

The policy disclosure statement outlines what your insurance company requires as proof of ownership to ensure that you are adequately protected.

A valuation in your name is a critical piece of evidence for insurance purposes and should be undertaken as a matter of course for peace of mind.

A professional valuation by an NCJV member also includes a detailed description with a digital photograph of your pieces which your insurance company may request.

The NCJV difference

NCJV valuers are well regarded in the insurance sector, so having your most prized possessions appraised by one of our members goes a long way to meeting insurance needs.

Insurance companies are familiar with the high standards set by NCJV for its members and the extensive training to become an NCJV Registered Valuer™.

Make sure you keep the valuation up to date because values do change according to trends and pieces can become worn or damaged over time.

Ensuring you get what you pay for

A valuation by an NCJV member is also important for newly acquired pieces of jewellery, particularly if you are unsure about its quality.

In addition to providing a fair price for the item, the appraisal will reveal if all the components are accurately described – important information for insurance claims.

Remember, if you can’t prove the true, current value of your jewellery and other valuables, it is unlikely your insurance company will provide full compensation in the event of loss or theft.

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