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Credibility is everything

Articles / May 2019

When buying a valuable piece of jewellery or antique watch, it’s worth asking if it has a certificate or valuation from an NCJV member.

Check the certificate carefully because, like a precious stone, clever imitations have been known.

A valuation by an NCJV Registered Valuer™ carries considerable weight in the jewellery and insurance sectors and over the years certain people have tried to emulate the seal and embossing used by our organisation to verify our appraisals.

This sometimes leads to confusion.

What to look for

Certificates provided by a qualified NCJV member are embossed with a marking that may appear directly on the document or on a seal of various colours.

Different businesses use different colours to suit their corporate image, but the actual seal is always the same.


Features of the NCJV seal

When checking the seal make sure it contains the National Council of Jewellery Valuers imprint showing that the valuer is a member in the current year.

Confirming valuer membership

You can confirm the status of a member by checking the Find a Valuer section of our website.

If for some reason the member is not listed – they may have retired, for example – then please email the NCJV on for clarification.

Find A Valuer

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