Diamonds – Natural, Treated and Lab-Grown



For those who have some portable and advanced instruments, this book will serve as a handbook with many useful spectra, cross polarised filters and fluorescence reactions to compare, plus an Appendix with results of tests conducted using 11 portable instruments on 64 samples, and suggestions as to what instruments to use depending on budget and needs. Even if you are not a diamond specialist but are merely interested in the science of diamond, or you trade in diamonds, the information in this book will make you more knowledgeable and confident to talk about this beautiful gem with friends and clients.

Branko Deljanin + Contributing authors, 196 pages

  • Defects in Natural, Treated and Synthetic Diamonds, Alan Colins, UK
  • Optical Spectroscopy of Natural and Lab-grown Diamonds by Dr. Alexander M. Zaitsev, USA
  • Chinese Synthetic Diamonds: Current Status and Detection, Taijin Lu, at al., China
  • Modern Color-Enhancement Technologies of Natural and LG Diamonds, Dr Viktor VinsRussia
  • Portable Gemmological Equipment for screening and ID of LG Diamonds, Branko Deljanin, Canada
  • Review of Principles of Advanced Gemmological Equipment for Diamond origin ID, John Chapman, Australia
  • Testing Diamonds by Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Imaging, Thomas Hainschwang, Lichtenstein/Switzerland
  • APPENDIX: Case Study of Diamond Samples from Canadian Gem Laboratory, Branko Deljanin, Canada
  • Glossary and Abbreviations

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