Education terms and conditions

Terms & conditions

Entry Requirements


  • must either be recognised as competent, through a recognised training program or recognition process against a gemmological certificate (or equivalent) locally or internationally
  • successfully complete an interview
  • need to have basic computer skills, access to a personal computer with internet access, relevant software and word processing skills



Fees must be paid up front, in total, before study can commence or alternatively in limited situations are payment contract maybe entered into.

Fees include comprehensive coursework materials, assessment, learning resources and student support.

A Student Membership fee, payable once only, is required prior to enrolment for either the full qualification or one or more individual courses.


If admitted as a Student Member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV), I acknowledge that:

  • my membership will be governed by the Constitution and any other rules, regulations or policies adopted by the NCJV governing my conduct as a Student Member and I agree to be bound by the Constitution and such other rules, regulations or policies adopted by the NCJV;
  • I am not qualified by the NCJV to conduct valuations of or offer opinions on, the value of jewellery and while I am a Student Member, I undertake not to conduct valuations or offer such opinions at the request of or for any person (whether paid or not);
  • I am not a full member of the NCJV or a registered valuer and I undertake not to represent myself as such; and
  • I have read the NCJV’s Privacy Statement and I agree to the use of my personal information by the NCJV as stated in the Privacy Statement.

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