10394NAT – Diploma of Applied Gemmology (Valuation)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Pathway



The NCJV Diploma of Applied Gemmology (Valuation) is the only nationally recognised qualification as the industry benchmark for becoming a qualified valuer in the gemstone/jewellery/fine arts trade industry.


NCJV offers this qualification in association with Career Employment Group – Training Partnerships (CEG), RTO provider No: 40138.  NCJV provides delivery and assessment on behalf of CEG and the nationally recognised certification for the diploma is issued by CEG.


The NCJV provides an RPL pathway for suitably qualified and highly experienced gemmologists in the gem and jewellery trade who have already obtained the knowledge and skills through previous studies and or work experience covered for this qualification.


RPL is an assessment only pathway through your provision of various forms of documentary evidence, referred to as a ‘portfolio’ of evidence, to demonstrate your currency of practice and the underpinning knowledge and skills in the units required for the nationally endorsed standards for the qualification. 


You collate the evidence with the guidance of one of our assessors, then submit your portfolio of evidence which the assessor then reviews and assesses aligning this evidence to the units of competency requirements.

If you consider that you already possess the knowledge and skills and can demonstrate the competencies outlined in the units of competency for the whole or any part of the qualification, you may apply for RPL pathway to further your professional development in the gem and jewellery trade.

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Units of Competency


The course comprises eight (8) units of competency, (6) core plus two (2) elective units of choice.


Units of study


6 Core Units


Gem Analyses

GEMVAL501B                       Analyse quality in gem materials


This unit focuses on assessing the varying levels of coloured gem materials quality relative to a range of standards.  This unit does not include diamonds.

Jewellery Analyses

GEMVAL502B                       Analyse quality in jewellery


This unit covers appraising the varying levels of quality of manufactured components of precious and non precious metal jewellery with and without gemstones.  

Gemstone Weight Estimation

Identify and estimate weight of gem materials in jewellery

This unit addresses identifying gem materials and estimating the weight of the gem materials set in jewellery items.

Diamond Grading

Apply diamond grading


This unit concentrates on identifying, examining, categorising and grading diamonds to a determined range of standards within a quality matrix.  

Create Customer Value

GEMVAL505B Create customer value


This unit is designed to assist managers to establish and provide consultative customised sales and manage value solutions to customers for valuation purposes. 

Produce Reports

GEMVAL506B                       Produce assessment and valuation reports


This unit focuses on preparing and documenting quality assessment and valuation reports for gem materials and jewellery items and/or fine arts in accordance with local and international protocols.


Units of study


2 Elective Units


Financial                  Management

SIRXFIN004A                       Manage Financial Resources


This unit is designed to enable managers to develop and implement financial control systems for the business.

Personnel Management

SIRXHRM002A Recruit and Select Personnel


 This unit focuses on recruiting, evaluating and selecting employees that add value to the workplace. 

Team Management

SIRXMGT003A Lead and Manage People


 This unit concentrates on the skills and knowledge required to lead and facilitate effective and efficient work teams.

Workplace Health & Safety

SIRXWHS403  Provide a Safe Work Environment


 This unit is designed to assist managers develop and implement policies and procedures relating to work health and safety (WHS) issues.

Cost – GST exempt

Eight (8) Core Units of Competency - Full Diploma $2500

One (1) Core Unit of Competency $700

Two (2) Core Units of Competency $675 per unit

Three (3) Core Units of Competency $650 per unit

Four (4) or more Core Units of Competency $600 per unit

One (1) Elective Unit of Competency $300 

Recognition Process Flowchart

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